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When you're in a dirty situation, who needs a high maintenance rifle.  That's the focus of this little Short Barrel AR.  This rifle features a WMD NiB bolt and a 10.5" chrome lined barrel.   The Nickel Boron coating on the bolt  provides extreme durability, performance, and reliability. The coating is corrosion resistant and harder than Nickel Teflon, Melonite, or Hard Chrome. Cycling is smoother and debris buildup can simply be wiped free.  The Chrome lined bore is not only more resistant to fouling, it resists wear associated with high pressure and heat.  The rifle has a Daniel Defense Omega 7 forerail and a QD yankee Hill flash hider.  It has GG&G front and rear sights and an Aimpoint PRS attached with an ARMS M68 mount.  

Whether you need a heavy hitter or stealth, this 9" Short barrel can punch the ticket.  It is chambered in 300 AAC Blackout.  This 30 caliber will match the 7.62x39 AK round when full powered, or it can optimize your Suppressor with a subsonic load and still fit on the traditional AR platform.  It has a match grade stainless barrel and a Noveske KX3 flash suppressor.  The mounting is a 9" Daniel Defense Omega FF quad rail.  It has a Magpul pistol grip and angled fore grip.  A VLTOR IMod stock and PRI sights.  A trijicon TA33R sight covers the optics needs.  

This great little short barrel piston AR15 has a 10.25" Colt Defense MK18 barrel with a PWS flash hider.  The barrel is wrapped up in an ARMS SIR system rail cluster.  It has an ARMS rear sight and a Yankee Hill flip up front sight.  It has a Magpul pistol grip and foregrip and a VLTOR IMod clubfoot stock.  On top is an Aimpoint M2 sight secured with an ARMS M68 mount.  Consider this one mission ready.    

This LWRC M6 is ready for any mission.  It is topped with an Aimpoint M4 red dot sight, along with a quick detach Aimpoint magnifier.  A Laser Device OTAL laser on the top fore rail.  A Surefire foregrip weaponlight with red navigation lights.  A VLTOR stock and a Yankee Hill flashider ready for a QD suppressor.  

This is a custom short barrel AR15. We built this rifle with a Coastal registered SBR lower. An Adam’s Arms piston upper with an 11 ½" barrel and a Samson quad rail. A CAA folding foregrip and a Magpul 30 round PMag. Topped off with an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic. Proof that great things come in small packages.

It’s the latest thing. Building the ultimate weapon system for the unthinkable. Surviving the end of times. We watched it in movies for years. We’ve played it out in video games. And now everyone has their version of the best Zombie Defense gun. We went all out when we designed ours. Built from the bottom up, our Zombie slayer features a high power Surefire forend weaponlight for fighting in the dark. An extreme spiked flashider for getting up close. A custom Eotech sight with a biohazard symbol reticle. The dust cover, pivot pin, takedown pin, trigger guard, mag release, and charging handle all have custom Zombie logos. Then we finish it off with a complete skull finish. Load this piece with 30 rounds of Hornady custom Zombie ammo and you are ready for the apocalypse. After all, it’s only a virus away!  
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