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[caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignnone" width="595"] Take Aim Custom Glock[/caption] Our custom GLOCK 17 with a VooDoo Innovations Brawler, Zev Technology trigger, flared mag well, Mag pul floor plates, and a Burris  Fastfire!...

Some people like shooting targets, and some people like shooting X's.  If you're the latter, you would appreciate this one.  A Ruger Mk3 22/45 lite pistol with a Volquartsen Mk3 accurizing kit, a Volquartsen competition bolt with an extended charging handle, a Tru Glow multi reticle sight, and a Yankee Hill silencer.  A true LQA pistol (Light, quiet, accurate).  

The name on the reciever says Ruger, but there is not much Ruger left in this full custom 1022!  It has a Force custom trigger group, Force extended magazine release, Superior Concepts charging handle, Primary Weapon Systems match Stainless barrel with a carbon fiber sleeve, a Revolution Extreme custom laminated stock, a Leupold VX1 1-4x20 scope, and a Coastal silencer.  This baby is light as a feather, quiet as a whisper, and deadly accurate.  

This Custom AR is built to throw a lot of lead downrange fast.  The Adams Arms piston system is built to run cool and clean under heavy use.  Samson quad rail, Magpul PRS stock, Tapco SAW grip, and a 100 rd drum mag.  Troy Dioptic sight, and folding FAL style carry handle.  Tango Down QD horizontal grip, and a Surefire KX1A light.  A GG&G bipod and a Gogun Flash Hider.

This little carbine is equipped for any situation you could find yourself in.  Adams Arms piston system, Samson free float quad rail, Vltor stock, and Ergo grip.  Troy Dioptic night sights, Surefire Scout light, Surefire rail switch, Laser Devices ITAL laser, Aimpoint Comp M4 sight, Aimpoint magnifier with twist mount.  Magpul Angled Foregrip,  Magpul Mags and a Spikes DynaComp.

Own the dark with this night vision equipped carbine.  Our Night Ops carbine starts with an Adams Arms piston platform.  It has a Vltor stock, Ergo grip, Samson free float quad rail, and a Voodoo barrel.  Surefire M720V light with white light, strobe and infared illumination.  Laserlyte K15 green laser, PWS flash hider and Magpul PMag.  An ATN MK410 5x night vision scope.  

Do you shoot long and tight.  This is your tool.  Our LR carbine starts with an Adams Arms piston platform.  Built out with an Ergo pistol grip, Mission First Tactical BUS stock, Leupold Mark AR 4-12x40 scope, Leupold Mk 2 integrated mounting system, Samson/Adams free float quad rail, Voodoo barrel with 1/7 twist,  Dreadnaught muzzlebreak, Grip Pod Systems foregrip with drop down bipod, and a  Troy battle mag.

Imagine an AR15 that stores in a pistol case and assembles for use in seconds.  This beauty has a Mag Tac FDE lower, a Magpul CTR stock, Ergo tactical grip, Troy FDE battlesights, EOTech XP S2 sight, DRD Tactical QD barrel system, DRD tactical forend, Spikes dynacomp all packaged in a custom fit 18x13" pistol case with space for your optional suppressor.
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