• I don’t think we’ll ever see a quality 1911 at this low a price again. We think it’s such a great deal, we bought as many as we could. SORRY…SOLD OUT!  

  • We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this week. It’s been a busy but very satisfying 30 years.  We’ve sold over 125,000 guns to tens of thousands of people.  I feel blessed to have had contact with

  • Some people like shooting targets, and some people like shooting X’s.  If you’re the latter, you would appreciate this one.  A Ruger Mk3 22/45 lite pistol with a Volquartsen Mk3 accurizing

  • The name on the reciever says Ruger, but there is not much Ruger left in this full custom 1022!  It has a Force custom trigger group, Force extended magazine release, Superior Concepts charging handle

  • This Custom AR is built to throw a lot of lead downrange fast.  The Adams Arms piston system is built to run cool and clean under heavy use.  Samson quad rail, Magpul PRS stock, Tapco SAW grip, and a

  • This little carbine is equipped for any situation you could find yourself in.  Adams Arms piston system, Samson free float quad rail, Vltor stock, and Ergo grip.  Troy Dioptic night sights, Surefire S

  • Own the dark with this night vision equipped carbine.  Our Night Ops carbine starts with an Adams Arms piston platform.  It has a Vltor stock, Ergo grip, Samson free float quad rail, and a Voodoo barr

  • Need a part for a discontinued or rare gun?  We have an online store stocked with rare and hard to find replacement parts.  Selection changes all the time.  So view often.  SHOP NOW ENTER HERE

  • Do you shoot long and tight.  This is your tool.  Our LR carbine starts with an Adams Arms piston platform.  Built out with an Ergo pistol grip, Mission First Tactical BUS stock, Leupold Mark AR 4-12&

  • Imagine an AR15 that stores in a pistol case and assembles for use in seconds.  This beauty has a Mag Tac FDE lower, a Magpul CTR stock, Ergo tactical grip, Troy FDE battlesights, EOTech XP S2 sight,

  • Thousands of items at your fingertips…24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

  • We now have plenty of men’s and ladies’  t shirts in stock.  All sizes S-XXXL.                  

  • The ultimate in compactness and maneuverability.  This little Personal Defense Weapon has a 7.5″ custom barrel and a PWS SM556 flash eliminator. It has LWRC sights and an Omega 7″ rail. Th

  • When you’re in a dirty situation, who needs a high maintenance rifle.  That’s the focus of this little Short Barrel AR.  This rifle features a WMD NiB bolt and a 10.5″ chrome lined b

  • Whether you need a heavy hitter or stealth, this 9″ Short barrel can punch the ticket.  It is chambered in 300 AAC Blackout.  This 30 caliber will match the 7.62×39 AK round when full power

  • This great little short barrel piston AR15 has a 10.25″ Colt Defense MK18 barrel with a PWS flash hider.  The barrel is wrapped up in an ARMS SIR system rail cluster.  It has an ARMS rear sight

  • We have hundreds of handguns in stock all the time.  You’ll never get bored in this place.  Fresh inventory, both new and used, comes in every day.  The displays are constantly changing to make

  • Yes they’re legal, and they’re great!  And we have them in stock.  Did you ever wish you could shoot without those hot ear muffs?  Or maybe you want to shoot on your property but don’

  • This LWRC M6 is ready for any mission.  It is topped with an Aimpoint M4 red dot sight, along with a quick detach Aimpoint magnifier.  A Laser Device OTAL laser on the top fore rail.  A Surefire foreg

  • Colt Defense  

  • This is a Steyr SSG rifle with a set trigger and Steyr QD mounts. Springfield Government model scope, and  bipod.  It is in a custom fitted case with a Steyr GB 9mm backup pistol.  You can reach out a

  •   This is a Glock 22 with a rough texture grip and a custom flame finish.  Where would this hot Glock be without a matching Galco holster.  A real eye catcher.  

  • We started 30 years ago by building custom 1911s.  We grew to become one of the largest and best known suppliers of 1911 parts and accessories in Florida.  We traveled the state and supplied thousands

  • Everyone has an AR15 of some type these days, and it seems like no two are the same.  Whether you’re building a gun from the bench up, or you just want to customize your existing rifle the way you lik

  • Ok, you bought your gun.  What next?  Accessorize!  Take Aim Guns has plenty of Holsters, cases, and lock boxes to store your gun. You’ll find grips, lasers, lights, and magazines to suit your n

  • Everybody needs a knife.  Take Aim Guns has a great selection of blades for concealment, duty, hunting, fishing, collecting, and personal protection. Not only do we have western, custom, and tactical

  • Occasionally the question is asked, “why does anyone need one of those?”  Why do some people like fast cars, or big trucks, or powerful computers?  American’s have always had an appreciation for quali

  • We currently offer an extensive line of Gun Safes in our area we call The Safe Room at Take Aim. Join the more than ONE MILLION HOMEOWNERS who have found the peace of mind that comes from owning a Lib

  • Suppressed 300 blackout

  • This is a custom short barrel AR15. We built this rifle with a Coastal registered SBR lower. An Adam’s Arms piston upper with an 11 ½” barrel and a Samson quad rail. A CAA folding foregrip and a

  • We offer a great selection of guns for hunting and sport shooting.  What ever your sport is…from Turkeys to clays, Deer to targets.   We have the gear you need.

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