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We have hundreds of handguns in stock all the time.  You'll never get bored in this place.  Fresh inventory, both new and used, comes in every day.  The displays are constantly changing to make room for new stuff.  If your interest is concealed carry, hunting, duty, tactical, western, target or collecting, we have a great selection for you.  

Yes they're legal, and they're great!  And we have them in stock.  Did you ever wish you could shoot without those hot ear muffs?  Or maybe you want to shoot on your property but don't want to disturb your neighbors.  We have a silencer for you.  Want a small AR15 or Shotgun like the ones you see in the movies?  We have a short barrel rifle or shotgun for you.  You can own one and the process is simple.  Stop by to see them and we'll explain how.  

We started 30 years ago by building custom 1911s.  We grew to become one of the largest and best known suppliers of 1911 parts and accessories in Florida.  We traveled the state and supplied thousands of 1911 shooters  with the parts they needed.  We don’t travel as much as we used to, but we still heavily stock 1911 parts in our store.  Maybe you need a safety detent spring that just hit you in the face and flew across the room, or maybe you’re doing a full custom build and you need a Wilson safety, or maybe you just need some advice.  We want to be your 1911 “go to guys”.  

Everyone has an AR15 of some type these days, and it seems like no two are the same.  Whether you’re building a gun from the bench up, or you just want to customize your existing rifle the way you like it, we have what you need. Are you looking for a gas tube pin?  We not only have 5, but we have every other screw, pin and spring that goes in your rifle.  We stock all component parts including stripped receivers, and uppers.  Do you want to upgrade your stock and install a quad rail?  We not only have a stock, but we have 20.  And we not only have a quad rail, we have 15!  All those fancy parts you see advertised in magazines and on the internet…We have them here for you to touch.  But all these parts wouldn’t be complete without some of the most knowledgeable AR guys in town to help you, and we especially have that.   If you need a part or accessory, or just some advice…Stop by, we’ll be glad to help.  

Ok, you bought your gun.  What next?  Accessorize!  Take Aim Guns has plenty of Holsters, cases, and lock boxes to store your gun. You'll find grips, lasers, lights, and magazines to suit your needs.  Also, we have scopes, sights and mounts of all type to sight your gun. Most places carry just one manufacturer of cleaning supplies, we carry just about all of them.  You like Hoppes, Kleenbore, Outers, Shooters Choice, Breakfree, or some other? We’ll have it for you. Next you’re going to the range we so have plenty of ear protection, eye protection, range bags and targets. By the way,  you need ammo.  Once again, you won’t find just Winchester ammo on our shelves.  We have Winchester, and Remington, and Speer, and Federal, and Corbon, and several others.  And we not only stock all the manufacturers, but in any given caliber we stock several bullet types and weights.  Furthermore, you’ll  find hard to get and unusual caliber ammo on our shelves.  So if it goes with your gun, we probably have it.  

Everybody needs a knife.  Take Aim Guns has a great selection of blades for concealment, duty, hunting, fishing, collecting, and personal protection. Not only do we have western, custom, and tactical cutting tools. We also have bayonets and military blades.  Now, we don’t have any kitchen knives, but if you need a knife for anything else, come see us.  Because we appreciate fine steel ourselves, we are proud to carry some of the best, and most popular blade makers available. SOG, Smith and Wesson, ZT,  Kershaw, Cold Steel, Kabar, Gerber, Benchmade, Al Mar, ProTech, Microtech, Buck, Spyderco, Boker, Silver Stag, Browning, and others.   You can also sell us knives and complete collections.  So if you have some knives lying around that you don’t use, bring them in.  Just don’t bring us your wives’ kitchen knives. See the selection of knives in our online store here.  

Occasionally the question is asked, “why does anyone need one of those?”  Why do some people like fast cars, or big trucks, or powerful computers?  American’s have always had an appreciation for quality, performance, and technology.  Tactical gear is built for the most demanding conditions on earth.  A task that requires the pinnacle of those three traits.  So if your job takes you into these demanding situations, or if you are just one who likes state of the art equipment, we have the gear for you.  Stop by and check out our great selection of Tactical rifles and shotguns.  
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