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We are proud to be named as an Ambassador dealer by Smith and Wesson. Out of 79,000 licensed dealers, only 20 were selected for this top Smith & Wesson award Smith & Wesson Recognizes Top Retailers as Ambassador Dealers Smith & Wesson recognizes twenty retailers as Ambassador Dealers for 2021 SPRINGFIELD, Mass., – Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI) is pleased to announce that twenty of its top retailers across the nation have been recognized as Ambassador Dealers for their outstanding performance in 2021. The Smith & Wesson Ambassador Dealer program recognizes retailers who serve as strong advocates for the Smith & Wesson brand and who continually support the growth of its brand and products. Sue Cupero, Vice President of Sales said, “The partnership we have with our Ambassador Dealers is a truly special one; these dealers embody the Smith & Wesson core values and align with our brand vision. We recognize the hard work of our Ambassador Dealers and look forward to many years of continued partnership and success.” To be selected as a Smith & Wesson Ambassador Dealer, retailers were required to meet specific criteria of outstanding sales performance, retailer training, custom marketing strategies, and more. In recognition of these...

Some people like shooting targets, and some people like shooting X's.  If you're the latter, you would appreciate this one.  A Ruger Mk3 22/45 lite pistol with a Volquartsen Mk3 accurizing kit, a Volquartsen competition bolt with an extended charging handle, a Tru Glow multi reticle sight, and a Yankee Hill silencer.  A true LQA pistol (Light, quiet, accurate).  

We currently offer an extensive line of Gun Safes in our area we call The Safe Room at Take Aim. Join the more than ONE MILLION HOMEOWNERS who have found the peace of mind that comes from owning a Liberty Gun Safe. When it comes to security or fire protection, there's nothing like a Liberty. With more than 22 gun safe models and more than 2 dozen colors to choose from, you'll see why more people buy a Liberty for their home safes, fire safes and gun safes than any other brand. We back up every gun safe we sell by offering a lifetime warranty that is unmatched in the industry. If your gun safe ever experiences an attempted break-in or a fire, Liberty will repair or replace your safe for FREE. And that's for as long as you own your gun safe. Liberty's lifetime warranty is even transferable! Now that's peace of mind.  We also carry a complete line of safe accessories to maximize the space in your safe, along with a great selection of wall safes, lock boxes and cabinets.  When it comes to your storage needs, we've got things locked up. SHOP NOW HERE
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